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Grand Hotel Glorius MakoGrand Hotel Glorius Mako price: 56 EUR   rating: 9.6 
Szent Istvan PanzioSzent Istvan Panzio  price: 35 EUR   rating: 9 
Bastya HotelBastya Hotel price: 47 EUR   rating: 8 
Aranyhid VendeghazAranyhid Vendeghaz  price: 33 EUR   rating: 10 
Szent Gellert Borhaz es VendegfogadoSzent Gellert Borhaz es Vendegfogado  price: 43 EUR   rating: 10 
HarsfakHarsfak  price: 18 EUR  
Peregi VendeghazPeregi Vendeghaz  price: 52 EUR  
100 Eves Nosztalgia Apartman100 Eves Nosztalgia Apartman  price: 53 EUR  
Abakusz Apartman MakoAbakusz Apartman Mako  price: 31 EUR  
Abakusz Apartman2Abakusz Apartman2  price: 21 EUR  
Adel ApartmanAdel Apartman  price: 53 EUR  
Allium ApartmentAllium Apartment  price: 63 EUR  
Apartman Center MakoApartman Center Mako     
Aqua Apartment MakoAqua Apartment Mako     
Autoscsarda es PanzioAutoscsarda es Panzio    
Bajza ApartmanhazBajza Apartmanhaz     
Berpalota ApartmanBerpalota Apartman     
Borka ApartmanBorka Apartman  price: 29 EUR  
Central Apartman MakoCentral Apartman Mako  price: 51 EUR  
Centrum Apartman MakoCentrum Apartman Mako  price: 67 EUR  
Csilla Apartman MakoCsilla Apartman Mako  price: 45 EUR  
Csipke ApartmanCsipke Apartman  price: 37 EUR  
Diamond Apartman MakoDiamond Apartman Mako     
Familia PanzioFamilia Panzio  price: 32 EUR  
Fenyo Panzio MakoFenyo Panzio Mako  price: 37 EUR  
Forest ApartmanForest Apartman  price: 37 EUR  
Furdovendeg ApartmanFurdovendeg Apartman  price: 60 EUR  
Garden Vendeghaz MakoGarden Vendeghaz Mako  price: 37 EUR  
Gesztenye ApartmanGesztenye Apartman  price: 56 EUR  
Happy ApartmanHappy Apartman     
Helga ApartmanHelga Apartman  price: 25 EUR  
Holdfeny ApartmanHoldfeny Apartman  price: 34 EUR  
Hunyadi Panzio ApartmanHunyadi Panzio Apartman  price: 58 EUR  
Jazmin Apartman MakoJazmin Apartman Mako  price: 33 EUR  
Jazmin ApartmanJazmin Apartman     
Jazmin Weekend HouseJazmin Weekend House     
Judit Apartman MakoJudit Apartman Mako  price: 25 EUR  
Judit RoomsJudit Rooms     
Kelemen PanzioKelemen Panzio     
Lord Center ApartmentLord Center Apartment     
Lord House Vendeg LakLord House Vendeg Lak  price: 32 EUR  
LuDo Apartman Hotel SpaLuDo Apartman Hotel Spa price: 44 EUR  
Main Square Apartment MakoMain Square Apartment Mako  price: 39 EUR  
Makotel ApartmanhazMakotel Apartmanhaz  price: 51 EUR  
Makovecz ApartmentMakovecz Apartment     
Marina Apartman MakoMarina Apartman Mako     
Maros ApartmanMaros Apartman     
Marton ApartmanMarton Apartman  price: 29 EUR  
Mega ApartmanMega Apartman     
Megyehaz PanzioMegyehaz Panzio  price: 27 EUR  
Natalia ApartmanNatalia Apartman  price: 50 EUR  
Natura ApartmanNatura Apartman     
Oazis Panzio MakoOazis Panzio Mako  price: 56 EUR  
Orchidea apartman MakoOrchidea apartman Mako  price: 34 EUR  
Panni ApartmanPanni Apartman     
Park Lak VendeghazPark Lak Vendeghaz  price: 43 EUR  
Pava ApartmanhazPava Apartmanhaz  price: 37 EUR  
Raday ApartmanRaday Apartman  price: 25 EUR  
Relax Apartman MakoRelax Apartman Mako     
Rose Gold PanzioRose Gold Panzio  price: 25 EUR  

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