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Abigel VendeghazAbigel Vendeghaz  price: 26 EUR   rating: 9 
Alfa Hotel es Wellness CentrumAlfa Hotel es Wellness Centrum price: 45 EUR   rating: 9 
Amaretto SzallasAmaretto Szallas price: 27 EUR   rating: 9 
Aradi VendeghazAradi Vendeghaz  price: 25 EUR   rating: 9 
Panorama VendeghazPanorama Vendeghaz  price: 29 EUR   rating: 9 
Siesta VendeghazSiesta Vendeghaz  price: 16 EUR   rating: 9 
Szamoca VendeghazSzamoca Vendeghaz price: 31 EUR   rating: 9 
Hunguest Hotel PalotaHunguest Hotel Palota price: 123 EUR   rating: 8.9 
Calimbra Wellness Hotel SuperiorCalimbra Wellness Hotel Superior price: 65 EUR   rating: 8 
City Hotel MiskolcCity Hotel Miskolc price: 66 EUR   rating: 8 
Herczeg ApartmentHerczeg Apartment price: 35 EUR   rating: 8 
Hotel Aurora MiskolcHotel Aurora Miskolc price: 94 EUR   rating: 8 
Hotel SzeletaHotel Szeleta price: 42 EUR   rating: 8 
Hungaria PanzioHungaria Panzio      rating: 8 
Uni Hotel DiakotthonUni Hotel Diakotthon  price: 33 EUR   rating: 8 
Zenit PanzioZenit Panzio      rating: 8 
Kikelet Club HotelKikelet Club Hotel price: 41 EUR   rating: 7.9 
Oreg Miskolcz HotelOreg Miskolcz Hotel price: 53 EUR   rating: 7.9 
Levay Villa HotelLevay Villa Hotel price: 55 EUR   rating: 7.8 
Anna Hotel MiskolcAnna Hotel Miskolc     rating: 7 
Centrum Apartman HotelCentrum Apartman Hotel      rating: 7 
Dolce Vita Etterem es PanzioDolce Vita Etterem es Panzio price: 36 EUR   rating: 7 
Hotel KittyHotel Kitty price: 56 EUR   rating: 7 
Hotel KolibriHotel Kolibri price: 50 EUR   rating: 7 
Hotel Lido MiskolcHotel Lido Miskolc price: 20 EUR   rating: 7 
Hotel TokertHotel Tokert price: 60 EUR   rating: 7 
Kitty ApartmanKitty Apartman price: 69 EUR   rating: 7 
Varkert PanzioVarkert Panzio price: 38 EUR   rating: 7 
Amigo HolidayAmigo Holiday      rating: 10 
A HazA Haz  price: 70 EUR  
AJ ter apartman miskolcAJ ter apartman miskolc  price: 22 EUR  
Alfa Wellness superiorAlfa Wellness superior     
Aliz Apartman MiskolcAliz Apartman Miskolc  price: 33 EUR  
Amarillisz VendeghazAmarillisz Vendeghaz     
Ambrozia Szallashely es EtteremAmbrozia Szallashely es Etterem  price: 59 EUR  
Aniko vendeghazAniko vendeghaz     
Anna Panzio MiskolcAnna Panzio Miskolc     
Apartman MiskolcApartman Miskolc     
Aqua Solar ApartmanhazAqua Solar Apartmanhaz  price: 62 EUR  
Aradi uti Vendeghaz Miskolctapolca ApartmanhazAradi uti Vendeghaz Miskolctapolca Apartmanhaz     
Aranykorona HotelAranykorona Hotel  price: 30 EUR  
Aulich ApartmanAulich Apartman  price: 54 EUR  
Avalon Resort SPAAvalon Resort SPA price: 208 EUR  
Avas ApartmanAvas Apartman  price: 33 EUR  
Babylon Pizzeria VendeghazBabylon Pizzeria Vendeghaz  price: 44 EUR  
Bartek VendeghazBartek Vendeghaz  price: 15 EUR  
Bastya Wellness Hotel SuperiorBastya Wellness Hotel Superior price: 55 EUR  
Belvarosi BungaloBelvarosi Bungalo  price: 22 EUR  
Belvarosi VendeghazBelvarosi Vendeghaz  price: 21 EUR  
Belvarosi Vintage Apartman a setalo utcanBelvarosi Vintage Apartman a setalo utcan  price: 37 EUR  
Biro udvar VendeghazBiro udvar Vendeghaz     
Bukkaranyos HorgasztoBukkaranyos Horgaszto     
CENTER roomsCENTER rooms  price: 42 EUR  
Calimbra Wellness ConferenceCalimbra Wellness Conference     
Casablanca Panzio es KavezoCasablanca Panzio es Kavezo     
Central Apartman MiskolcCentral Apartman Miskolc  price: 44 EUR  
City Vendeghaz MiskolcCity Vendeghaz Miskolc     
Csaladi Harmonia Apartman MiskolcCsaladi Harmonia Apartman Miskolc     
Csodaszarvas VendeghazCsodaszarvas Vendeghaz  price: 109 EUR  

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