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Sulyom VendeghazSulyom Vendeghaz  price: 56 EUR   rating: 9 
Tisza Balneum HotelTisza Balneum Hotel price: 72 EUR   rating: 8.6 
Babuna vendeghazBabuna vendeghaz  price: 124 EUR  
Balazs Vendeghaz TiszafuredBalazs Vendeghaz Tiszafured  price: 25 EUR  
Bence ApartmanBence Apartman  price: 111 EUR  
Farkas Vendeghaz TiszafuredFarkas Vendeghaz Tiszafured     
Feherlo CsardaFeherlo Csarda     
Hedi VendeghazHedi Vendeghaz     
Holiday Home Tisza 02 1Holiday Home Tisza 02 1  price: 39 EUR  
Holiday Home Tisza 02 2Holiday Home Tisza 02 2  price: 39 EUR  
Holiday Home Tiszababolna 6987Holiday Home Tiszababolna 6987     
Nadfedeles vendeghazakNadfedeles vendeghazak     
Napocskas vendeghazNapocskas vendeghaz     
Tiszavirag Vendeghaz TiszafuredTiszavirag Vendeghaz Tiszafured  price: 64 EUR  
TiszaviragTiszavirag  price: 39 EUR  
Tulipan Vendeghaz TiszafuredTulipan Vendeghaz Tiszafured  price: 70 EUR  
Zsofia Vendeghaz TiszafuredZsofia Vendeghaz Tiszafured     
Gardonyi Geza utca 14Gardonyi Geza utca 14     
Horgasz Vadasz VendeghazHorgasz Vadasz Vendeghaz  price: 15 EUR  
Izabella Vendeghaz TiszafuredIzabella Vendeghaz Tiszafured     
Tiszacsegei Halaszcsarda es PanzioTiszacsegei Halaszcsarda es Panzio     
Tiszacsegei VendeghazTiszacsegei Vendeghaz     
Lakohajo uszohaz Tisza toLakohajo uszohaz Tisza to  price: 139 EUR  
Agata ApartmanAgata Apartman     
Annabella ApartmanAnnabella Apartman  price: 59 EUR  
Apartman Szoke Tisza TiszafuredApartman Szoke Tisza Tiszafured     
Aurum VendeghazAurum Vendeghaz  price: 32 EUR  
Bakcso VendeghazBakcso Vendeghaz  price: 55 EUR  
Beatrix VendeghazBeatrix Vendeghaz     
Bella Apartman TiszafuredBella Apartman Tiszafured     
Berczi ApartmentBerczi Apartment     
Boro ApartmanBoro Apartman  price: 49 EUR  
Bubos Banka VendeghazBubos Banka Vendeghaz  price: 220 EUR  
Csonakos VendeghazCsonakos Vendeghaz     
Csuka VendeghazCsuka Vendeghaz  price: 43 EUR  
Diofa VendeghazakDiofa Vendeghazak price: 71 EUR  
Dobos Vendeghaz TiszafuredDobos Vendeghaz Tiszafured     
Dorka ApartmanhazDorka Apartmanhaz     
Eden apartman TiszafuredEden apartman Tiszafured     
Eszter VendeghazEszter Vendeghaz  price: 49 EUR  
Facankert ApartmanhazFacankert Apartmanhaz     
Fanni Apartman TiszafuredFanni Apartman Tiszafured     
Ferienhaus Oase TiszafuredFerienhaus Oase Tiszafured     
Feszty feszek VendeghazFeszty feszek Vendeghaz  price: 49 EUR  
Furedi ApartmanFuredi Apartman  price: 32 EUR  
Furjes ApartmentsFurjes Apartments     
Fuzfas vendeghazFuzfas vendeghaz     
Fyred Villa ApartmanFyred Villa Apartman  price: 79 EUR  
Fyred Villa Udulopark es RendezvenyhazFyred Villa Udulopark es Rendezvenyhaz  price: 494 EUR  
Golden ApartmanGolden Apartman  price: 53 EUR  
Golyafeszek PanzioGolyafeszek Panzio  price: 46 EUR  
Gulyas Vendeghaz TiszafuredGulyas Vendeghaz Tiszafured  price: 45 EUR  
Hableany HotelHableany Hotel price: 75 EUR  
Holiday Apartman TiszafuredHoliday Apartman Tiszafured     
Holiday home Sello VendeghazHoliday home Sello Vendeghaz     
Holiday home Tiszai Kertsor TiszafuredHoliday home Tiszai Kertsor Tiszafured     
Huszoles I TiszafuredHuszoles I Tiszafured     

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